Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Weight Training Tips-Health and Fitness

All of us at this stage of our lives working to reach some point. It seems that nothing happens most - without losing more fat and increase muscle. For some it seems that the endless progress with regard to low-level fitness to start, faster progress to reach this plateau. Here are some practical tips to start the engine stop fitness.
Create reasonable goals and expectations. This may seem obvious, but not all. Girls, you can rippled abs a few months of birth, you and the boys, ten years of alcohol does not fast six-pack. Get real, go to work, learn to love the small accomplishments and logging, log, log.
Note of your progress so that you know exactly when to lose weight, increase muscle or decrease the size of life begins to plateau. This is important because if you note or a graph, you can imagine things better or worse than they are.
Using a set of scales with a decent feature is the measure of body fat. So you can really that much progress made in building muscle and losing fat, say, access to a wide range of electronic weight scale shows that body weight, body fat more. Often, the total weight will not change, but increases muscle mass and reduce fat. Made by Omron and Tanita scales are good quality and the model includes this feature. If you can not cost such a scale, try to find a gym, wellness center, medical institution or public place that provides this service.
Weight for the winners, I want a low-fat protein, especially meat, poultry, dairy, low fat fish such as tuna and salmon, and beans and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Make sure you eat enough. Fundamental error is that muscle weight and the winners of hope is that enough food is eating quality, and does not necessarily mean protein.
Once your muscles. To put on muscle and lose fat you to overload your muscles to grow enough muscles need. This means exercising all muscle groups at least twice per week, preferably three times a week.
Now, if you plateau after several months of the program, try to enter another one pressure, making three or four sessions per week, if you think that the constitution could be additional training . Remember that at this stage you should still fail to exercise or so to 12 repetitions for 3 sets of a set number of exercises in the program. You may be weight adjusted upward to account for power.
Eat and drink according to your workout. Second food and time-intensity exercise training during one of the most important aspects of any exercise program, weight training is no exception.

* Take Before 'stock' exercise of the protein with about 20 grams of protein. Skimmed milk will do.
* Take some exercise with carbohydrate intake, if more than one hour of high intensity exercise. Protein is not necessary at this time.
* Within 30 minutes of solid exercise, eat or drink 20 grams of protein with at least the same amount of carbohydrates and if the exercise of long duration and high intensity cardio included.
* Do the low-carbohydrate, if you are training hard for four days or more per week is. Is necessary to protect the muscle protein breakdown and to replace glycogen stores.
Rest and recovery. Every four to six weeks is the week where it is easy to about half the normal teaching or training to half intensity. This provides a 'window' in which the body can renew itself and create even more powerful. Principle of weight training and muscle building progressive overload, muscle damage, repair and new growth. This process likely to occur.
Do some cardio. Some weight trainers and bodybuilders fear that delays in aerobic exercise prevents muscle growth or even live. Aerobic exercise is good for health, calories and fat and can even help muscle growth. Keep it less than 50 minutes to enter the low and medium pressure and the problem will not cause muscle growth. Indeed, in a good cardio session can help muscle glycogen depletion (glucose) and to 'rush' when more anabolic insulin, muscle-building hormone, called for rebuilding new tissue growth factors, proteins and glucose be.
Try to make a change in intensity. If you have any further a few months after not taking, try to change. Body's response to changes in the intensity of the program. If weight loss is your goal, try a circuit like circuit Fit. If building muscle and fitness is your goal and you a bit 'stale, then 3 sets with 12 repetitions for four sets of eight repeats, going to try to reduce or sets or pyramid in which we change the weight and high repetition down for each device.
Password training time. I can guarantee your success with this does not, but worth a try. Bio-rhythms can be different for people and this can be the way by train and influence their results. For example, cortisol, a natural hormone muscle break higher in the early morning for most people. These models can vary from person to person, so maybe you might get better results training the best time for you to find out - morning or afternoon.
Plenty of rest, relaxation and sleep and do not overtrain. Again, this may seem, but it is important. Stress hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol may destroy muscle development and fat loss play. We produce stress and catabolic or 'break' internal body environment that leads to muscle failure, in some cases of excess fat and increased susceptibility to infection. Overtraining can create a similar method. Rest and grow strong.

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