Friday, 3 June 2011

Easy Stretching Exercises Tips

Your body will get ready to perform five dates that high;This expands the appropriate network software (foam rolling, etc.) designed to be conducted before and after heating. The idea is to improve the quality and texture for stretching, active stretching, then move the new series and joints moving. "Men are strong, and the best athletes in the world, to do things"Pec StretchMost men in the way of strict internal rotator (Pecs and lateral) have a 'look over hump. "Both the PEC and lat stretches during the appointment and is very important to establish proper posture throughout the day.

1. Loop the resistance band around the height of the object on the head with one hand and grab both ends. (Arm of the body to a height of about 45 degrees will find.)
2. There is tension with one arm straight out, so that you stay away from the group.
3. and chest upward and outward push your body to slowly open your hand. If you are in the PEC and the front deltoid (front shoulder) should feel stretching into.
4. Hold the stretch for about 30 seconds.
Lat Stretch

1. PEC stretch, but this time the band setup, use the same face as a group.
2. Take your hands with it, arms straight and with a neutral spine, the group away from the hip Take a step back and lower your chest down. If you have to feel the triceps stretch through the armpit to the lateral.
3. 30 seconds, hold for each arm.
HealthyThis is not full of static stretching, but before lift your upper body is very important in the development of shoulder mobility and rotator cuff shot.

1. One small plate (10-25 kg), or use of the Kettlebell.
2. Outer edge of the plate in front of your chest (or use a Kettlebell) holding the projector. You should feel your shoulders relax.
3. That will make a heavy wrap your head, "hello." Weight behind head, chest open and gentle stretching above the lateral arm to pull.
4. Do 10 rotations in all directions.
Half kneeing hip flexor stretchMost people, tight hip flexors, and sat at a desk all day only adds to the problem. Stretching the hip flexor will not only help increase the depth of scrub in the days of lower body, but you can help posture and reduce back pain may be the title.

1. Initial half-kneeling cases, where your hips directly under the floor in front of the other knee and one foot on the floor. (Use and mat or towel under your knees if necessary.)
2. with your body straight and upright, push your hips forward. If you close your hips to knees in front of your rear leg should feel the stretch.
3. Hold for about 30 seconds
TIP: when you stretch the stomach a little tense. tension on the abs, especially the hip flexors, psoas stretch in reducing low back curve help keep the lot.
Hip external rotator stretchMost of the kids who cause the problems trying to hit the squat Hird (Hip Internal Rotation Deficit).

1. knees bent and feet flat on the floor in the rear.
2. Place your feet outside your hips and pull your knees together.
3. If the traditional "stretch" will not feel the taste, but you should feel tension in your outer thigh.
4. Then, hold 30 seconds, moving up another inch and hold for 30 seconds.

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