Thursday, 30 June 2011

Remove Corns From Feet-Fitness and Health


When wearing ill-fitting shoes and in combination with long hours of walking and standing, the inevitable result is pain in the foot and the strong possibility of a pin. Calluses on the feet and toes every time they are forced against the solid walls of shoes, and when these calluses grow inward and press against the bones of the feet and nerve endings, pain and discomfort can result. Fortunately, corns are quite easy to handle, and the total elimination of calluses on the feet can be achieved in several ways.

Enjoy your feet 
1.Prepare a base benefit by mixing one cup of Epsom salts and a cup of baking soda. You can use a few drops of essential oils for fragrance if you want. Mint or lavender are good oils to choose from.2.Fill a bowl large enough for two of the feet with warm water (as hot as you can stand without burning) to keep, add 3 tablespoons. of the foot to absorb the mixture per liter of water until dissolved. Let stand 10 minutes.3.Enjoy your feet in the water and soak feet for a solution up to 30 minutes to soften the beans before her waist. 
Scrub your feet 
1.Use a pumice stone to soften your feet in concrete or a specialty device such as the Ped Egg to buy.
2.Wipe the surface of corn with a pumice stone or other device Ped Egg-type with a slow, circular motion. Press firmly but gently, not the healthy skin around the corn damage. 
3.Stop scrubbing when the health of the skin under the corn begins to feel encouraged by washing. This is a sign that the dead skin of the corn - to feel numb and scrub - is used to expose the living skin underneath.4.Clean pumice or other device Ped Egg style thoroughly to remove all traces of dead skin cells. 
Use creams or corn remover pads 
1.Purchase a platform of wheat or corn removal kit at any pharmacy.
2.Read the instructions before use.3.Use a corn pad in a horseshoe or donut-shaped, avoid too much pressure in the middle of the corn. Avoid medications corn pads. 
Consult a professional 
1.Consult a professional pedicure specialist in your area and ask about the services offered and their effectiveness for corns.2.Consult a podiatrist if the grains are too large and prone to self-treat or removed with a pedicure. The doctor may explore treatment options, including medication and surgery.3.The help of local shoe stores for a comfortable shoe that fits well with his feet to help relieve pressure on the grains and prevent the formation of new finding.

The best way to deal with corns is to avoid the formation, and the best way to wear comfortable shoes simply by proper adjustment. Make sure the width of your shoes match the width of your feet, and the use of narrow-toed shoes to work together to crush the toes in a very irregular.
Be careful when using medicated corn pads, which can irritate the skin under the corn sufficient to cause infection. Make sure your feet weeks before washing the dead skin cells and soften the corn to make it easier to debug. Do not rub too hard as this may promote healthy skin and cause infection damage. Do not soak your feet, because it can dry your skin and make a crack, which can invite injury or infection.


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