Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Easy Steps to Beat Dehydration in Summer

During hot sunny days, the Appropriate amount of water and salts lost Some basic dehydration from the caused by the body. So, it needs to combat dehydration in summer Because of health and fitness That you simply follow cans Some Important steps.
The first concern is always to be aware of early symptoms of dehydration During the summer is immersed eyes, sleepiness, dark yellow urine and dizziness. Dry lips, dry tongue and Thirst are Also Some Signs of dehydration.
During the summer, Pls the body is exposed to severe heat tends to cool the sweat, the sweat, in turn, regulates body temperature by ensuring excessive heat. Thus, this sweat is one major factor Also That causes dehydration and a threat to health care in the summer. Thus, the simplest way to beat dehydration is by drinking water That properly balances the loss of fluid from the body.
Steps to Avoid dehydration 

1. Keep a water bottle in hand Pls you are outdoors 
2. Take 10 cups of water or fresh juice During extreme hot days
3. Take any of your favorite fruit or fruit juice once a day
4. Avoid sodas and Carbonated drinks as diuretics, Increasing the chances of dehydration

5. Taking water after half an hour, you're not even Pls Thirsty
Drink fluids in small sips Slowly to let you beat the heat of hot summer days
Eat Some cookies or salty snacks During the days of summer, as it replaces lost electrolytes
Splash water on-time person from time to stay cool and hydrated
Go in the sun with an umbrella
10 .Avoid hot foods at events Such as chocolate and coffee
Have a cool bath twice a day, as it reduces heat illness and combat dehydration and      Drink fluids or juices That Some contain essential tracks Such as calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium and
potassium, you find all these cans available During the summer fruit
Take a refreshing your Thirst quenchers
Take any seasonal fruits like Watermelon, pineapple, falsa, melon, cherry, peach, lemon, lychee, apricot, plum, pomegranate, etc. Add 250ml water pinch of black rock salt, brown sugar, granulated sugar or honey. Blend with crushed ice these fruits Until a uniform mixture. Are these summer sippers and beat dehydration this summer.

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