Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Gain Healthy Body Weight-Health and Fitness

There are many supplements on weight gain market that can help you there, it could increase your daily calories, but they have no advantages over smart food choices.The basic principle of weight gain is simple: you need to consume more calories than they consume. Follow these 10 tips
I.Eat more calories
This requires some calculations. Not to mention normal daily caloric requirement of the approximate average activity LED lead 2200; a female, and in 1900 you have to eat about 1,000 additional calories per day less than a pound per week.
Do the math. Eat larger portions, and eat at least five meals a day.Can your actual state of calories will vary depending on size, weight and activity and metabolism in the body.
II.Smart Choices
For example, choose dairy products, fish and meat over bread. Choose eggs over vegetables.
Eating foods with a high content of protein, such as grains, beans, peas, and foods high in starch such as rice, potatoes and cassava.
III. Protein is important
Increase the amount of your protein. Your body needs more protein to build new muscle. But since most calories for the weight gain comes from carbohydrates and fats do not replace, but with protein.
IV. Snack much
Consume a lot of snacks with high calorie content (not junk food) such as cheese sticks, milk shakes, cakes, dried fruits, yogurt and granola bars.
V. liquids also help
Drink plenty of fluids and nutrients provide the calories, milk, fresh fruit juices and energy drinks are good examples.
VI. Intensive training
Aerobics are great, right? Not to gain weight!You have to practice hard and intensely to maintain muscle mass.
VII. weights are the way to go
Concentrate on free weight exercises (which does not require machinery) that target major muscle groups. For example, you have to [weights], and not the machines gym luxury

Free weights put more pressure on the muscles and stimulate the greatest number of muscle fibers.Best weight training exercises to increase muscle mass and free-weight exercises like squats, dead lifts, bench presses, to build rows of iron, and pull ups and bar dips.
These exercises are best under supervision, but they do not need machines.
VIII. your room to exercise
This means you spend a lot of energy even at rest - - If you have a high metabolic rate, you need short intense workouts instead of long periods of low activity of the voltage.
IX. Creatine?
Can help some creatine increases the weight of the athlete. It is not known whether it will give you a lot of energy or because it increases the weight of the water.
There is a need for more research in this area before it is creatine magic pill. Creatine supplements available in health food stores all the keys, but do not take it without consulting your doctor.
X. in accordance
It can take time, usually a few months, the weight to show the truth. Some people get frustrated and quit when they can see the dramatic results failed.
Your body is just reacting to a fixed schedule. The program will increase the weight work for you if you are not regularly.
Genetics do not pay an important role in determining your weight. Can an effective strength training and diet will help smart, given your weight to a genetic component.


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