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Benefits of Drinking Water and Other Drinks

Water or other fluids in your body to function properly and prevent loss of water is required. It is important enough to drink.
Water is a healthy body weight represents about two-thirds.Our cells need water to sit out most of the chemical reactions. We also carry nutrients around the body's blood, so that the water we need.However, when we breathe and the sweat, the evaporation, the water they lose every time. to do more activity or temperature rises, this increases the amount of water we lose.
While urine and the urine is water, we often lose the water.To stay healthy, we lose instead of water is important. Drinking water and other liquids can do so.

This issue related to water and soft drinks. For more information about alcohol.How much water?
Climates such as Britain, to get us to stop the water about 1.2 liters of fluid per day (six to eight glasses) should drink.In hot climates, the body that needs more.We get to eat some of the moisture. 

Symptoms of dehydration
When there is not enough water in our bodies, we are dry he said.One of the first signs of dehydration is thirst.
If you think you can not get enough moisture, dehydration, make sure that this is one of the other common symptoms:
* Dark-colored urine, so urine does not go to the toilet* Headaches* Confusion and irritability

* Lack of concentration
As part of a healthy and balanced diet, try to choose healthy drinks.
Many soft drinks high in sugar. Food and drinks high in sugar are often high in calories and eating too many calories can be more prone to weight gain.
Some energy drinks high in sugar and caffeine.
nutrition labels on drinks such as fruit juices and carbonated drinks can help you make healthy choices to be checked. For more information, refer to food labels.

Water is a healthy choice for quenching thirst at any time. It has no calories and does not contain sugar can damage teeth.If you do not like the taste of plain water, try sparkling water or add a slice of lemon or lime. You can add some squash or fruit juice for flavoring.
MilkMilk is a good source of calcium is a mineral that helps build and maintain healthy bones.In addition, containing vitamins and minerals do not cause tooth decay.For a healthy choice, half-fat or fat-free milk 1% fat choice. Limit intake of flavored milk, adding that energy is bad for teeth, such as sugar or malt beverages based on the condensed milk and milk products milkshake.
Milk is important, especially for young children. they need to lower fat milk because they are not as many calories, at least until the age of two should drink milk.
Fruit juices and smoothies 

Fruit juice and fruit smoothies contain vitamins good for our health.
A glass of fruit juice (150 ml), the recommended five daily servings of vegetables and fruit counts as one. But how much water you drink just one day, you can count some of the matter. is that it does not contain all the fiber in fruits and vegetables.Fruit juice contains sugar can damage teeth. This may help protect the teeth as well as to drink with a meal.All natural fruit sugar in fruit and less sugar to be included within the likely cause tooth decay. pressed or mixed fruit, Fri after the free sugars, the sugar juice is drunk frequently, especially damage to the teeth.If you are buying fruit juice, check the labels carefully, and then choose 100% fruit juice without sugar. One of these drinks a day is counted as 5. and 5% fruit juice and high-added-sugar may contain as little as one of your 5 a day does not count, "juice drinks", sure.
Carbonated drinks and squashes 

Carbonated drinks, squash and fruit juice drinks, so that very little food containing high sugar and keep to a minimum.High sugar content, they can contribute to obesity, calorie-rich foods high in calories and that means. The discontinuation of drinks, but not missing out on all the food, a good way to reduce the number of calories you consume.In addition, children get to drink less sugary drinks is a good way to reduce the amount of sugar they consume reduction. Children are more likely to be overweight too drink sugary drinks.These drinks also damage teeth means sugar. Doing so can help reduce damage to teeth to eat them, drink, have a sugary or carbonated drinks.The best children drink water, milk and sugar and added to milkshakes.
children, such as fizzy drinks or fruit juice diluted with sparkling water instead try. Remember to dilute the drink sugar versions of fizzy drinks, especially for children, milk or water, much more healthy choices, so it contains very few nutrients.
Tea and coffee 

Tea and coffee contain caffeine are stimulants. This is a temporary caffeine alert us to feel sleepy and less means more. And the effect of caffeine affects some people more than others to eat normally depends on how much caffeine.As part of a balanced diet is fine to drink tea and coffee. However, tea, coffee or other drinks containing caffeine are not the only source of moisture is important to you.Pregnant women, tea or coffee (see below) must restrict their intake. What is suitable for tea or coffee, small babies and young children.Caffeinated drinks your body can produce more urine. Some people are more sensitive than others, but also how much caffeine you and how often it depends on you.
Energy drinks 

Energy drinks usually contain high concentrations of caffeine. Generally, sugar is high. They, too, sometimes, and other minerals or vitamins and herbal preparations can be stimulating.
The caffeine levels in drinks varies, but is usually around 80 mg of caffeine may be a small 250ml. This is a small cup of coffee or two cans of cola is like.
caffeine, caffeine-sensitive individuals to consume excessive food and drink in moderation only.
Energy drinks are not suitable for babies or children.
them (see below) is usually high caffeine energy drink pregnant women should limit their intake. to say that is not appropriate for children or pregnant women usually drink energy drinks such as check on the labels.
Sports DrinksIf you need to increase stamina and energy or sports drinks can be useful.
But any other sugary soft drinks, which are different than they are high in calories and contribute to tooth decay.
As long as you participate in endurance sports, water, healthy and best way to replace the lost water choice.Caffeine during pregnancy
Pregnant women should not exceed 200mg of caffeine per day. caffeine in a cup of instant coffee contains about 100 mg.
high levels of caffeine may increase the risk of health problems in later life increases, can lead to babies with low birth weight is. High levels of caffeine can cause the low.

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