Thursday, 2 June 2011

Proper and Balance Diet to Stay Fit and Healthy

Depending on the personality and style and appropriate clothing and related accessories, as well as health and fitness, such as impression. no need to eat a proper diet and good health.
Each one of us, healthy and intelligent look at the view you want in terms of both physical and mental harmony. our people, all over the look and style of health and fitness. / Her personality, charm and all the people who just enjoy a fit and healthy life. In addition, the only grooming personality wear, style, and other matters when someone who looks good in a healthy and fit.
All of us to get a good health practice, practice exercises, yoga and other physical activity I know the importance, but that few of us really proper guidance and adequate nutrition and quality health services have good food knowledge.
We are health and fitness are all very dependent on our eating habits, especially diet and the food there is for us to receive. healthy food and hygiene, and building the appropriate intake of a balanced diet and maintaining good health too.
A specific health-related articles, some very basic information to you and gives you the basic rules about diet and healthy food. And applying this knowledge in the daily routine of diet and adding foods that you can get quality health care only, but also a case of illness, loss of health and fitness to win.
An important health and diet foods:

1. First, review of eating habits, knowledge of the dietary balance and proper food, first of all employees. Bad eating habits, and eating too much more dangerous to your health. Eat small amounts at short intervals between meals can assist you in obtaining quality health care.
2. Water is an essential part of quality health care. Drink plenty of water are needed, such as a food source for the body. In addition, a glass of water every day, fresh fruit juice drink. I just will not keep your body fitness and give extra energy, but also rejuvenate your skin.
3. Add fresh fruit and raw vegetables in your daily diet. Vitamin C, vitamin D and fiber containing foods should be eaten every day. Raw vegetables and fruits mentioned above, the main source of vitamins and fiber. For this reason, fresh fruit and a daily diet for good health and quality / foods to add fresh vegetables.
4. Daily diet of anti-oxidant in a food item (barriers, blue, orange, lemon, saffron, pine apple, etc.) use. This is not a part of the use of turmeric powder. Add a pinch of turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk and drink every day. Turmeric mixed with milk to give double benefit. removes toxins and extra fat and also repair internal injuries and required calcium than milk, as well as bone growth, and provides all the turmeric.
5. Cheese, butter, mayonnaise and avoid. Use low-fat dairy products and fat-free milk. low-fat dairy products really help you in reducing weight. Protein Energy Malnutrition in food and food type helps you to overcome.
6. Food and diet full of carbohydrates is important for quality health care. twice a week, grain, soy, beans, horse beans and oatmeal. Carbohydrate diet that is full of starch and also controls the body and reduce stress, dysfunction of serotonin, refused to give details.
Finally, you complete mental satisfaction and mental peace all over the quality of health and fitness should be associated with mental health.

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