Thursday, 9 June 2011

Relieve Stress-Fitness and Health

Inspite of our best intentions to create a stress free life, not only in our mind, and really was able to create more stress on the body can handle. The good news is, without a lot of money to spend is the practical ways to reduce stress in your life. In a city home, workplace and outside, to create both environmental and emotional stress factors are important to pay attention. It is not easy to detect electromagnetic frequencies to your computer and TV, cleaning and / or exposure to stress is a difficult job, a relationship or a negative emotional charge, but you could feel the toxic chemicals. They are, however, stress can cause the immune system and eventually be removed or reduced.
Currently,'s daily stress, take a look at some ideas to deal with. adopting a step-by-a-time with a minimum of stress from living in a time when you start and so our full attention to our valuable energy management. The aim is to recharge the body and mind for the next go-round to boost activity in the open day.
1. Medical research has shown stress from lack of sleep the body more than anything else to do. If the 7-9 hours of sleep per night to make sure that the best effect.
2. body, the night of sugar, stimulating foods such as caffeine and alcohol, the amount of sleep every day to ensure kurabilmesini. For some people, even a cup of java can lead to insomnia. Stay away from your computer or smart phone can affect your ability to sleep at bedtime.
3. Every day, take the time to stop and nothing. If you can, and then sit on your desk with a few pieces, chair and lean your head down, close your eyes for 2-3 minutes. Or, you fix on the couch or bed and take a 5-10 minute sleep. This renewal and revitalize the entire body system is very simple and effective way.
4. sit and drink slowly, and then what to do and stay away from herbal tea.
5. 15-30 minutes walk outside and breathe in the nature of a focus on the horse. Stand and take a deep breath of fresh air and breathes in the lungs to take a long-stale indoor air.
6. Take a day to sit in meditation for 10 minutes. This can be done anywhere you find yourself. resting on the thighs, back straight, hands together, sit down, close your eyes and calm your mind and provides a blank. Bring your ideas and your attention to breathing, such as moving clouds in a blue sky, let's go. This is to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind can be a powerful moment.
7. Plan to continue to monitor 1-2 days a week you do not have computer or television. the countryside, a good book, a friend to help clean out kitchen cabinets and a healthy volunteer for cooking, use the time to walk.
8. Jump to a spending diet and stay away from shopping malls and other crowded places. Instead, take the time to be silent and alone, by yourself. This is your life, goals, plans to think about and see what works and what does a wonderful time. This allows you to make changes in states of consciousness before-hand exit.
9. Set aside 10-15 dollars a week and indulge your senses with a monthly massage. This may be a long way to stress, anxiety and fear in a short period of time.
10. Check your local yoga studio, a restorative yoga class. This special form of yoga, relax, rejuvenate and nurturing the physical postures used in everyday life alleviate the effects of chronic stress. Once you know the routine you can practice at home, personal area.
11. Light a few candles, some soft music in the bathroom, and take a hot bath. bath salts and a few drops of lavender oil to soothe and relax your mind to add some muscle relaxing.
12. All concerns and fears, overwhelm you, but if you have increased the time to remember what happened in the. Fear is a negative mind and did not create a future probably will not be coming. We all dream of a product can not stress this way of thinking and can lead to stay focused on what is available.

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