Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Efficient Swimming Technique-Fitness and Health

Given the choice to do something you can do, what you would do better to swim? What one thing would you tell your swimming technique, swimming, exercise habits, or anything else you swim swim better?
I swim better list goes something like (these are just some of the many things that everyone could make the list). Depending on what's going on with my life, I try to remember these things and puts them in a game where:
Swim often

I know I can go ahead with two workouts a week to swim and swim well yet, but if I want to swim better, I know I have to swim workouts three or four (or five) a week.
Mix my workout routine

If you are not training for a specific event, race or meeting, I usually go swimming and do almost the same workout every time. If I want to swim better, I mix my swim workout, do some of them with a set of greater intensity, some with less intensity, some with more than swimming, some short, some shooting and kicking, too.
No more drilling swimming technique

I did some swimming technique works in every workout, but I want to swim better when I know I need to do more. What works for me is to add one of these workouts almost exclusively a training technique. I still do some serious technology-oriented in every workout, but I do a workout each week, much more specifically swimming technique.
Get a good swimmer to capture

I try to bathe with a good early vertical forearm or a good catch, fingers pointing downward, pushing back into the water with all that in between my toes and elbows, trying to get off my back and chest and squeeze my armpit (do a large arm lat pulldown on arid and see how his arm develops a gap between the dorsal and Pécs). For a better swimmer, I have this arm position is very often or I get lazy and let my late start of capture, or leave my elbow drop or change the orientation, so I lost some water pressure forearm .
Pay more attention to my posture and hips and shoulders

When I freestyle I try to roll my hips and shoulders or to keep it running, but when I do I want to swim better control body roll more often, perhaps to make specific body roll swim swimming exercises to help. I tend to get distracted when I'm swimming - my mind wanders off elsewhere. If this happens, I need to go back in time and make sure I have flattened my body that I still have the right roles.
Kick more 

I tend to float to take my legs, making a simple, soft, two-beat kick. If you want a better swimmer, I know I need a little 'more of calcium, especially if I leave one wall.
Keep your eyes down head position

I tend to do pretty well - my eyes to look at the bottom of the pool, maintaining a neutral head position so my head points Vado. Yet, to swim better, I need to check often, because sometimes I tip my head when I ride by a whisker, especially when I am doing an ocean swim.
Make your list of things you could work on being a better swimmer. Use it!

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