Sunday, 12 June 2011

Powerful Boxing Workouts-Health and Fitness

Sami is not only the bag. "Boxer and great concentration, coordination, strength, speed and endurance," says Michael Olajide Jr., a former champion boxer average weight. To help you improve your skills, we have approached the fighters in the country to serve as your corn Fisher. Hit this training on your stamina.
1. Newborn beating PowerCoach Frank Mir private, in the end Fighting Championship Heavyweight
If you are facing Wanderlei Silva in the cage match or a 75 pound bag in your basement, to the same rules: "When you're ready, you need every shot to throw at full speed," said Mir, and former UFC champion in the heavyweight division. He uses six rounds this demanding routine mental and physical perseverance to build.
Grow your intensity: every minute around the clock 3 1 minute rest between rounds. With each round, you'll add punch to your sequence.Pulses in the round:1. Warm-up. Hit the sack by 50 percent, with a variety of punches2. Your power at full strength and fire3. Jab, throw the Cross, and repeated4. Jab, cross, hook, repeat5. Jab, cross, hook, punch, repeat6. Jab, cross, hook, punch for punch body, repeat
2. Los Angeles Police Precision PunchSpecial Coach: Tim Collins, the coach, and Los Angeles Police Department arrest and controlHave been built doll perfect on the alignment of the position of the bones, not the grip of power. Use this routine to fine-tune your form.
Adjust the position: leading with the non-dominant leg, place your feet shoulder-width apart, with your toe dominant in line with the heel of your foot is dominant. Your head and stretch more than your shoulders and your shoulders over your hips. Knees slightly bent your.
Throw Started: Step forward with your foot to extend the lead and non-dominant arm, so that your shoulder, wrist, elbow, and the front two joints in the line. Should punch your foot and ground at the same time. Follow-up with the Red Cross, and the restoration of your foot once again the distance you have in the first step. Then come back to the original position.
Connect punches: Repeat the sequence, shadow boxing for 3 minutes. Then another round of 3 minutes in the same order, this time on a heavy bag. This is one group. Complete 3 sets, each time building speed. "If you master the strike, should feel like you're biting your target audience with a damp towel," says Collins. 1 minute rest between each exercise.
3. By the average lightningYour coach: Olajide Jr., MichaelShadow boxing can achieve high representatives, and without resistance from the punching bag of your delay. "You hear your shoulders back, and basic, which will help you throw faster punches," says Olajide.
Hit the play won five songs with strong rhythms and the participation of 3 to 4 minutes each. On every fourth beat (count out loud to yourself on the right path), the launch of one of the groups to punch below, and then bring your hands back to your starting attack for the next stroke. The rate of transformation of some of the tracks require you to punch down until the song slows down.
Groups for each song:1. Left jab, left the Joint Appeals Board, through the right2. Cross the right, left jab, right punch3. Left Left punch to the body, and the right body punch, punch4. Right punch, right cross, connecting the left5. Cross the right, connecting the left, right hook
Warm up like a champThe three-time welterweight champion Antonio "The Tijuana Tornado" Margarito show you how your muscles the Prime Minister. Completion of each exercise 12 to 15 times to improve mobility.
Supreme BodyArm circles: Draw large circles with your arms, the first in the movement forward, and vice versa.Crossovers: Swing arms to your body and put it in front of your chest.
BasicShoulder drop: Tuck your chin to your chest, and let your shoulders and your chest slightly forward. Then pull your shoulders, lift your chin and lift your chest while your back a little umbrella.
LowHip circles: with your hands on your hips, feet shoulder width of publication. Move in a clockwise direction hips in a circle, clockwise. Repeat with your arms at your sides.

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