Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Most Effective Six Pack Abs Workouts-Fitness and Health

There are a lot of hype and the confusion that exists about six sit-ups - the number of complaints about the "best team" and "the most effective supplement" to get the elusive six pack abs. There is considerable confusion about what is best six Pack Abs workout.
Little clarity provided by a study of the American Council for Physical (ACE), which tells you about what is the most effective exercises six pack abs training and exercises that we can think of better to get a flat stomach, but not really.
Studies have shown that the most effective way to get a flat ABS base is to strengthen the body, which has the added advantage of improving the posture, the resolution of back pain and improve overall health.
Here are some of the most effective abdominal exercises six:
1. Exercise bike that is done in the supine position - the fingers behind your head and shoulders off the floor, the bike / cycling leg movements involving the knees back into the stomach. This is recommended as the most effective exercises six pack abs.
2. Increased stool leg captain is on the list for the study as the second most effective six Pack Abs workout. This requires that you hold the handle to stabilize, and in a chair with his back to the platform - open your legs slowly and deliberately, into the abdominal cavity, without arching your back and legs dangling.
3. Exercise ball is a very useful tool to strengthen the center of the body, and one of the most effective abdominal exercises for six. The ball of the back, you assume crisis position AB (hands folded on his chest or his head), then use your abs to lift the ball on his chest twist.
4. The vertical leg of the crisis is seen as a more efficient six pack abs abdominal training traditional compression or AB. The vertical leg of the crisis it is necessary that on the floor, legs up, ankles crossed, and reduction should be carried out using AB abdominal muscles to bring up the shoulders and off the floor.
5. As the crisis vertical foot long arms reduction, but in the opposite direction - on the floor and keep legs bent at the knees on the floor, extend arms behind you on either side of the head. Create a move to hire a crisis and press AB to bring the shoulders off the floor.
6. Crisis, otherwise it will be more effective Six Pack Abs workout that traditional crisis. This means that on the ground to make a move that brings the hip and the ground, rather than the shoulders, working the lower abs.

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