Sunday, 29 May 2011

Eating Tips for Healthy Living

Nutrition plays a very important role in fitness and health of a person. The main goal of a healthy diet is variety of food, the right amount of energy and nutrients to consume in the diet, without too many calories. So healthy eating is important to stay fit, keep the proper functioning of the body and stay away from health problems remain.
Food Tips Food Tips to stay fit and healthy
Here are eight tips for healthy eating, so you stay light and fit all the time. Here are the essence of a truly nutritious diet -
1. Avoid too much fat. Fortunately, there are more low-fat products on the market today, such as milk, ice cream and cheese.
2. Buy foods low in sodium. Check the nutrition information on the back of the package or label found the sodium content of the snack or produce. Nutritionists say you should not participate more than 1,000 milligrams of sodium per day.
3. Try to consume foods with low salt content. The food tastes salty, but too much can lead to accumulation of fluid in the body and increase blood pressure. Remember that there are other options available herbs. Why not try natural herbs herbs taste the food?
4. Stay away from additives. Try meat, chicken and fish, choose the no additives. There are health food stores where these products can be found.
5. Food starch. Rice, potatoes, corn, cereals and cereal products by fermentation of starch is converted to sugar which provides energy for you and keep all day.
6. The consumption of a variety of foods in moderate amounts. Take in various foods such as meat, fruit, vegetables, bread, etc. in moderate quantities. In addition to a healthy practice, it also gives you the opportunity to taste a variety of flavors!
7. To prevent weight gain prevention, sweetened soft drinks and fruit juices for water or artificially sweetened drinks. Although many women swear by artificial sweeteners, scientists as to whether it effectively contributes to regulation of body weight. The researchers conducted a study that people lose or maintain weight by simply including artificial sweeteners such as aspartame (found in NutraSweet) and saccharin beats in their diet. Forty obese people, especially women, were similar eating and exercise habits divided into two groups. They consumed similar amounts of either sugar-sweetened or artificially sweetened foods, drinks or supplements. After ten weeks, increased body weight in sugar group (3.5 kg) and reduced the sweetener group (2.2 pounds). The blood sugar was in the group and went to the sweetener group. The study found that eating more calories of sugar and carbohydrates group to distinguish the artificial sweetener group but the groups' intake of fat and protein did not differ significantly in comparison. Drinks were by far the largest source of sugar consumption).
8. To help you stay healthy, maintain a low cholesterol and high-fiber meals.

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