Monday, 30 May 2011

Benefits of Warm Up-Health and Fitness

Games, exercises and / or air conditioning session, the body's proper preparation before the training is very important to ensure maximum performance and reduces the risk of injury. Many coaches and players for practice prior to underestimate the value of the activity. Therefore, it is essential to understand the importance of proper warm - up.

The following are the benefits of the heat -

1. The muscles relax and contract rapidly.

2. Hemoglobin at high temperatures to provide more oxygen.

3. Increasing temperature and increases metabolism, thus promoting the production of energy for muscle warming.

4. Therefore, to reduce muscle pain, muscles, ligaments and joints to release

5. Warm muscles are really more docile, so the frequency will reduce the likelihood of musculoskeletal injuries.

6. Viscosity reduction of resistance to the muscles.

7. The start of fatigue and lactic acid accumulation is delayed. Wed warming reduces your exercise early accumulation of lactic acid and blood pervents.

8. Cardiac output and increased blood flow to skeletal muscles are used during the training

9. Non-heart event, increased focus on mental preparation for review of skills and strategies. A positive image of the players can take a break you can build levels. Education and activities for the border, poised to increase.

10. Stimulate improvements in muscle strength and motor unit was preparing for heavy loads.

11. Competitors are truly effective and avoid overheating of the early events or race dissipate heat in the body so the activation mechanism to improve the efficiency of cooling.

12. Hormonal changes - many hormones that regulate the body responsible for the production of energy increases. Between the warming relationship between hormones, while more carbohydrates and fatty acids can be used for energy production.

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