Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Summer Fitness Tips for Teens-Fitness and Health

A recent study suggests that this coincidence may have positive consequences for children and young people beyond the obvious, that looks attractive, healthy, enjoy good cardiovascular health and so on - teen fitness contribution to IQ is suggested by a recent study.
In the study, siblings and twins examined and subjected to a battery tests, including logic, Visio spatial, technical, verbal and global intelligence, and so on. It turned out that subjects who were seen as the best condition, although most are performed in these tests.
In particular, proved that condition improves young people between the ages of 15 and 18 had a higher test scores.
Now with summer upon us, can teens help themselves get into shape with some great outdoor activities such as - 

The game is not just for young children, there is a large group activity that involves having fun with friends, you can learn valuable lessons that promote teamwork, improve competitiveness, learn new skills and significantly improve physical fitness.
To throw a ball around the yard, shooting some hoops, even bouncing on a trampoline is fun and a great workout.
For teenagers who are part of a competitive sport means to discover new possibilities within themselves and maybe even win scholarships. 

This is bound to please your landlord or parents - to work in the garden, doing other chores around the house can be a surprisingly good workout. And do it the old fashioned way - Turn off the mower mechanized in favor of a manual one. 

Walking, cycling and runningWherever you must go, try the dependence of automated forms of transportation - if you have time and if practicable, walk or jog to your destination. Or use a bike to get to where you should go. 
Hit the beach
And by this we do not mean lying in the sun on a real bath, get in other sports such as beach volleyball, or to learn new exciting activities like surfing. 

Organize or participate in hikes, tours, etc.
This is another great fitness activity that can involve friends and / or family. Teens can come together and organize a day trip or sign up for similar events in the school or community.
Creative, train, be fitter and healthier and maybe down the road, you can also become smarter?

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